Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walking the Walk Comes to Delaware County

The Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia declares that Walking the Walk puts their mission into action:

“Walking the Walk is an initiative that provides teenagers with experiences, skills and resources necessary to live in a diverse world, deepen their own identities, and break through walls that distance and divide them from people of other religious, cultural and economic backgrounds.”
In collaboration with the Haverford Township Clergy Association, Rev. Nicole D. Diroff of the Interfaith Center is bringing its program to Delaware County. The Suburban Jewish Community Center-Bnai Aaron, Hope United Methodist, and Grace Trinity United Church of Christ are the Partner Communities and Havertown Center is the Community Service Partner.
Teens from these faith communities will meet five times from November to March for interfaith learning and dialogue, reflection and community building. Two sessions will focus on the Shared Values of “Honoring My Self and My Heritage” and “Helping Those In Need." One of the sessions will an MLK Day Group Retreat. And two of the sessions will service learning through an interfaith, intergenerational art experience with mixed-media artist Patty Greenspoon, where the teens and a group of older adults will create personal journals as well as a collaborative clay tile piece to hang in the senior community center.


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mission Statement

Seeking to represent the faith communities of Haverford Township, we profess a common belief in God and love of neighbor. Our goals are mutual support and respect. We encourage participation of our congregants in interfaith activities in response to both civic and religious needs. Open to members of all faith expressions, we aspire to unity of collaboration and fellowship.